Around here lately by Andrea Wang

Working remotely since my move up north has offered me the rare chance to see how the shadows in a space change throughout the course of a whole day. It's beautiful to slow down enough to see time pass this way. The bedroom gets the softest, most persistent light; the kitchen gets moodily dark. 


My boyfriend E and I are still working on making this apartment our own, despite the limitations presented to us. I'm excited to share our progress here, as well as our adventures in San Francisco, the East Bay and beyond! There's also a big project I'm piecing together for this blog -- one I can't reveal yet. It's the one I daydream about on the daily. For now, here are a couple more moments captured on Instagram. You can follow me at wideeyeswise.


Simple pleasures #2: Fruit stains by Andrea Wang

A coworker gave me two pomegranates from her yard this week.


Heavy in my bare hands, with gorgeous cracks running down their sides, these pomegranates were basically begging to be pried open. I don't mind getting the dark, sticky stains of fruit on my fingers. What a beautiful mess.


Photographer / Stylist: Andrea Wang

This is the second post in an ongoing series trying to capture beauty in the otherwise ordinary, and little moments that make my heart go "oomph!!" See the first installment here.

Polaroids from France by Andrea Wang

If you catch me daydreaming, I'm most likely back in France.

If you ask me what parts of my August trip I'm thinking about, I'd first mention the clouds. Oh, the clouds! Dense and fluffy and enormous, leaving the sky more white than blue.

There were, of course, the endless Parisian dinners that began with gorgeous, rustic breads and milky butter tickled with a pinch of fleur de sel. My family and I eagerly traversed arrondissements for flawless pastries and luscious pralines. Undeterred by the city's sporadic showers, we ducked under an awning to survey the open market's colorful spread; we left with handfuls of tart, one-bite plums and wild strawberries. At night, Paris' rain-slicked streets looked beautiful reflecting lights and neon.

In Nice, we took the Metro to its famous beaches. The rails blended seamlessly with the cobblestone and grass, a striking balance of modern and old. We walked the snaking streets in Avignon, Provence, and little medieval towns far and between, discovering darling boutiques and musing over the old works in museums. I think my favorite landmark was Cezanne's last house, a modest, two-story studio with loft windows and a lot of his old things. The space felt sacred.

Saint-Tropez was humid and inundated with suntanned visitors who dressed to be seen, but nothing seemed more intimate than a walk along the pier as the sun dipped below the horizon, its rays almost oily against the water.

If you ask me about my little vacation, I'll gab on for half an hour. So ask to see my polaroids instead. (Hover over the image for details)

Photographer / Stylist: Andrea Wang

Simple pleasures #1: Fresh basil by Andrea Wang

Washing basil is an odd indulgence of mine. But I love the scented echos of the rubbed herb on my hands -- a peppery kick wafting just ahead of an aroma warm and sweet.

I biked to the store a couple of nights ago to buy this young pot of basil. I held it close to my chest (and nose) riding home, afraid that its lithe stems might yield to the wind. Tonight the leaves could dot this incredible one-pan pasta, tomorrow maybe they'll be smushed between goat cheese and tomato relish on toast ... and every so often I might pinch off a leaf to rub against my wrists.

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Photography / Styling: Andrea Wang

(This is the first vignette in an ongoing series trying to capture beauty in the otherwise ordinary, and little moments that make my heart go "oomph!!")