Simple pleasures #1: Fresh basil / by Andrea Wang

Washing basil is an odd indulgence of mine. But I love the scented echos of the rubbed herb on my hands -- a peppery kick wafting just ahead of an aroma warm and sweet.

I biked to the store a couple of nights ago to buy this young pot of basil. I held it close to my chest (and nose) riding home, afraid that its lithe stems might yield to the wind. Tonight the leaves could dot this incredible one-pan pasta, tomorrow maybe they'll be smushed between goat cheese and tomato relish on toast ... and every so often I might pinch off a leaf to rub against my wrists.

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Photography / Styling: Andrea Wang

(This is the first vignette in an ongoing series trying to capture beauty in the otherwise ordinary, and little moments that make my heart go "oomph!!")