Jan, 2017  After much aimless driving in a flubbed attempt to catch the SF fog, it is thanks to a dose of serendipity (and Eric's very logical GPS suggestion) that we stumbled upon Mussel Rock Beach. We were completely enamored with the clouds, waves, and golden light, and even found fog in the form of salty mist rolling up the tall cliffs edging the sand.  A heartfelt thank you to our talented friend,  Jennifer Siu , for capturing these moments!
  Sep, 2016  "We have to get up at 4:30 in the morning. You should dress up a little, but don't wear high heels. It might be extremely windy as well." Those were Eric's cryptic instructions for a surprise proposal that would take us up to maybe 3,000 feet above the ground. 
  Dec, 2017  Our "Save the Date" video was the first product of a decision to make our wedding more eco-friendly. Saratoga, Andrea's hometown, ended up being the perfect backdrop for our paperless announcement—a park filled with the browning, cantaloupe-sized leaves of a maple tree, the public library's tiny orchard, overrun with tall stems of yellow wildflowers. We are so lucky for this sweet collaboration with Andrea's sister, Sophia, who helped breathe our ideas to life in a way that was better than we first imagined it. This is something we'll have forever now!